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Ranked: The 10 Best Modern Movie Posters

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They just don't make movie posters like they used to. Back in the golden years of Hollywood, nearly every movie poster was worthy of framing and hanging in your place. They had beautiful illustrations, minimalist looks and all around STYLE. Luckily, a few films still know what's up. Here are 10 of the best modern movie posters, ranked from 10 to 1. The only two rules were that it had to be officially used in the marketing campaign and had to be released after the year 2000.


10.) Moneyball - Really love the colors, the empty space and the simplicity.


9.) I'm Not Here - The typography here is excellent and this is just a cool poster.


8.) The Dark Knight - It's not often that a super hero film does right with a poster, but the one is eerie, creepy, and downright cool.


7.) The Life Aquatic - Hard not to include every Wes Anderson flick on this list, but this poster (and movie) is the best of the best. The typography, symmetry and colors are all perfect.


6.) The Social Network - This is a very challenging movie to advertise correctly and this poster just nails it.


5.) Shame - When in doubt, simplicity is always a good idea.


4.) The Tree Of Life - Loving the grid of brightly colored frames. It shows and says a lot without really saying anything at all.


3.) The Rum Diary - Simple and creative. Even though the movie wasn't all that great, their first poster was a total winner.


2.) Moon - A lovely movie with a poster that's so good, you gotta be a little surprised a Hollywood studio produced it.


1.) Drive - The photo and the 80's inspired type are just perfect. This is just such a killer look that nails the personality of the film.