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Podcast: Fixing Award Shows, Jonah Hill, David Bowie, Book + Movie Recs

Sponsored by VRY WRM.

Here's episode 35 of the Airows podcast, a free-flowing conversation on some of the trending articles on the site and other relevant news.

We're very lucky and flattered to have this show sponsored by VRM WRM.

In this episode, Sam and Jack talk about how award shows aren't firing on all cylinders, David Bowie, Jonah Hill at the Golden Globes, how they feel bad for not clicking with Lena Dunham, drop a book and movie recommendation, and discuss what kind of luggage they're into.

To be honest, this probably wasn't our best episode, but we'll be back in a few days with some fresh takes and talks.

As always, this is a work-in-progress and we hope you'll join us on this journey. If you have any feedback or want the guys to answer your question on air, shoot over an email to They'd love to hear from you. Good, bad, something in between–all feedback is welcome.

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