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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the surprise hit video game that pitches 100 players against each other in a fight to the death on an ever-shrinking map. Think the cult classic 2000 Japanese movie Battle Royal, or for younger readers, it’s kind of like Hunger Games

PUBG's mix of engaging combat and survival strategy has launched a whole new genre of video games like Drake-favorite Fortnite. Initially for PC and consoles, the game has recently been turned into a free mobile app for iOS and Android. While I was originally wary of such a massive game running on a phone effectively, I’ve been nothing but pleased with the experience. Not only have they managed to make a fairly complicated set of controls feel simple and intuitive, but the touchscreen system seems to have leveled the playing field, so relatively inexperienced players (like myself) can still be competitive and have a chance to win.

Another great aspect of the mobile version is that in today’s busy world it’s hard to find time to sit down in front of a console or computer but we all have those occasional 10-25 minute windows to kill, and this game fits seamlessly into moments where you'd otherwise be mindlessly surfing Instagram. Just be warned, like most fun things to do on your phone, PUBG is a massive battery drain.