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My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way pivoted from TRL charts to a wildly successful career in comic books, creating imaginative new worlds and characters in series like The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys while also reinventing popular characters like Batman and Spider-Man with his signature tone and style.

His most famous and renowned series, The Umbrella Academy, created in collaboration with acclaimed artist Gabriel Bá, took home an Eisner award in 2008, which is essentially an Oscar for the medium. One decade later, Netflix announced they were taking the fantastic and weird series to their platform, with Way on board to help produce and consult.

A fresh take on the superhero genre, the story focused on a dysfunctional family with strange powers who have eight days to figure out how to work together and save the world. Though we got a teaser late last year, the trailer above is a much deeper look at what to expect from the likely Netflix hit when it drops February 15.