Media Trainer: Our Favorite New Show of 2012, Affleck Before "Argo" + More

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"Media Trainer" is a pop culture round up highlighting things worth reading, watching and listening to.

Hunted is our favorite new television show of the year. It stars the incredibly sexy Melissa George (shown above) as a spy being hunted by someone within her own private security organization. It's very well done and unlike pretty much everything currently on tv. Fridays @ 10pm on Cinemax.

Before Argo and The Town, Ben Affleck directed a movie called Gone Baby Gone that is absolutely fantastic and criminally under appreciated. It stars his brother (Casey Affleck) as a private detective searching for a missing child. Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman are also in the movie and give outstanding performances if that wasn't obvious by their names being Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman.

This season of Homeland has been nearly perfect. If you're liking the show, you should check out the weekly recaps written by  Andy Greenwald of Grantland. They compliment it nicely.

Benedict Cumberbatch (the guy with the awesome name who plays Sherlock Holmes on BBC's Sherlock) will star in a new film about Brian “The Fifth Beatle” Epstein, who managed The Beatles from the band’s signing in 1961 to his drug related death in 1967.

The new album by Kendrick Lamar is very good and even if you have only a passing interest in hip-hop, you should give it a listen. It grows on you with each go through.