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Media Trainer: Annie Leibovitz Takes on 'Les Misérables', An Album Recommendation + More

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“Media Trainer” is a pop culture round up highlighting things worth reading, watching and listening to.

Here is the official theatrical poster for Django Unchained. Who isn't excited for the movie? [Yahoo!]

The classic Aston Martin that was blown up in Skyfall was 3D rendered. Thank goodness, men across the world can now mend their hearts back to heath. [3ders]

The latest record from Mouse on Mars gets a co-sign from us. It's punchy and energetic, just realize it's much more fitting for the gym than relaxing in your living room.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz’s did character portraits for Les Misérables. As expected, they're amazing. [/Film]

The Huffington Post spoke with Marc Webb about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Jamie Foxx and the possibility of bringing J.K. Simmons back. [The Huffington Post]

 The Walking Dead is finally a show we can recommend. The first season is mediocre and the second seasons starts off a little slow but once it gets going it really gets going. Stick with it.