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Marvel's 'What If?' Series Will Change Key MCU Events

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Marvel is reportedly developing a series for Disney's new streaming platform that will seriously shake up the MCU in canonical yet noncanonical ways.

Based on legendary comic anthology series What If?, the show will explore fascinating alternate outcomes to popular events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What if the Hulk had the brain of Bruce Banner in The Avengers? What if Thanos attacked in the middle of Captain America: Civil War? What if Rocket Raccoon became the world's most notorious supervillain?

Rumors are indicating the show will be animated but it could also mix and match between live action and various animated art styles from episode to episode. The dream-like nature of the premise will certainly allow for that creative choice, freeing up the likes of Sebastian Stan and Dave Bautista for live action episodes while allowing giant stars like Robert Downing Jr. and Chris Hemsworth to only lend their voice acting.

More details to come.