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New TV Show Is Basically Justice League For The Small Screen - Here's The Trailer

'Legends Of Tomorrow' looks great.

We're all fans of Arrow and The Flash on The CW here, two of the most underrated dramas on TV right now. They're far from The Wire or Breaking Bad, but they're not trying to be prestige, they're just trying to have some good 'ol genre fun. 

They're spinning off both shows for what is basically a poor man's Justice League, with Hawkgirl, Black Canary, The Atom, Firestorm, and rogues Heatwave and Captain Cold fighting crime and traveling through time. Throw in the occasional appearance from The Flash and Green Arrow and you have quite the team-up. If you love super-hero stuff, this is a must-see. If it isn't your thing, this won't change your mind. Watch the trailer below--it's coming this winter.