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'League of Legends' Reveals New Character With Beautifully Animated Short Film

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Riot Games has just revealed a new playable character for its popular MOBA League of Legends with a gorgeous short film titled The Path, An Ionian Myth. It was produced in collaboration with French animation studio Sun Creature and features music by Yutaka Yamada.

The new character is a swordsman named Yone, who has a pretty interesting backstory. In League of Legends lore, his half-brother, Yasuo, is framed for the death of his master. And Yone, out of duty and honor, challenges his half-brother to a duel only to be slain. The short film seemingly depicts him returning from a form of the afterlife, ready to seek revenge — or forgiveness — from his family and home region of Ionia. 

Due to land in the game on July 22, expect more info on gameplay and abilities soon.