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One of the greatest movies ever made and a true cinematic masterpiece also has some great trivia.

1.) When the T-Rex comes through the glass roof of the SUV in the first attack, the glass wasn't meant to break. The screams you hear from the children are completely genuine.

2.) The author of the book, Michael Crichton, has said his views on science are largely expressed by the Ian Malcolm character played by Jeff Goldblum,

3.) Harrison Ford was offered the role of Dr. Alan Grant but turned it down.

4.) When you first see the control room, you can see Jaws playing on one of the computer screens.

5.) Stephen Spieldberg, the director of the movie, was criticized for making the Velociraptor's 6-7 feet tall in the film instead of their scientifically accurate ~3 feet tall height. 

6.) The fake T-Rex they used during filming weighed 12,000 pounds.

7.) Steven Spielberg received $250,000,000 for making this film when all said and done.

8.) Paleontologists believe Velociraptors had feathers and looked more like a slightly larger and highly dangerous chicken than the large and in charge creatures in the movie.

9.) Sean Connery was almost John Hammond, but he turned down the role.

10.) Michael Crichton, the author of the book, intended John Hammond to be a darker Walt Disney.

11.) It was the most successful movie ever made until Titanic outdid it in 1997.

12.) A lot of famous (in present day) actresses auditioned for the role of  Ellie Sattler but didn't get it. Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore, Helen Hunt, and Teri Hatcher to name a few.

13. Jurassic Park was played on television for the first time in 1995 and 68.12 million people in the USA were watching it all at once. 

14.) Jim Carrey almost played Ian Malcolm.

15.) Here's a look at the whole raptor family, so you can get a better idea of both height and look. The Velociraptor (#4) was the main atognist in the movie, but what we saw in the flick is much closer to the Utahraptor.

16.) They combined whale and donkey sounds to make the Brachiosaurs noises in the movie.

17.) The film only has about 10-20% of the books content, according to Michael Crichton.