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John Mayer Guest Hosts 'Late Late Show' And Totally Nails It - Watch Here

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John Mayer---heartbreaker, lady killer, watch enthusiast---as much as you might hate the song "Your Body Is A Wonderland," you have to respect Mayer for having a rock 'n roll cool factor you don't see in 2015, dating the most beautiful women in the world, and having spectacular taste in fine watches. THAT SAID---even if you're a fan of the dude, you probably weren't expecting him to knock it out of the park guest hosting a late night talk show, but that's exactly what he did. Filling in behind the desk for the Late Late Show, a spot that's had a rotating cast of hosts step in for a few nights at a time as CBS transitions from Craig Ferguson to (the seriously funny) James Corden, he dropped some deadpan stand-up and the kind of natural comfort that doesn't come easy. You can watch the whole episode below, which includes an "interview" with the Super Bowl sharks, a chat with Andy Cohen, and a performance from Mayer and John Legend. But if you only check out a few minutes, scope the monologue...

"When I told my friends I was hosting a show, they all had advice for me, but the one thing none of them said, however, was ‘be yourself'"