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Jerrod Carmichael Is the Best New Comedian Alive Today

"Yelping homeless people... Denzel as Rosa..."

Jerrod Carmichael now lives in Los Angeles, California, but he grew up in the Morningside neighborhood in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Since moving to LA, Carmichael has had roles in the Seth Rogen's Neighbors films, while also earning his own show, The Carmichael Show.

The 2014 standup, Love at the Comedy Store, rocketed Carmichael’s career and led to the newest special, Jarrod Carmichael: 8, which was directed by his friend, actor-comedian Bo Burnham.

Carmichael’s comedy is beyond honest, as he discusses topics like monogamy, parenting, politics and much more.

The comedian stands in Masonic Hall’s Grand Lodge in New York City, dressed in a denim jacket and Timberlands, while the fans around him wear cocktail attire.

The New York Times reports, “The comedian Neal Brennan, a creator of Chappelle’s Show, was an early mentor. Praising the way that Carmichael’s disarming, bright-eyed delivery belies the grimness of his message, he told me that ‘‘at its best, Jerrod’s stand-up shows America/humanity at its worst — capitalist, cutthroat, cynical, narcissistic.’’

Nearly all of the material hits hard so the hour special isn’t for the faint of heart, but for those who enjoy standup, Carmichael is a heavy-hitter.

“There’s a reason fairy tales don’t have sequels,” said the comedian. “Because it’d be like too much for us to handle.” Belle would tell the Beast, “You used to be a beast, but now you’re a monster…”

Despite only being thirty years old, the comedian is very comfortable on stage and definitely a workaholic.

While his comedy isn’t for everyone, if you chuckle at the idea of Yelping homeless people, the fact that Jay-Z’s Blueprint hit shelves on 9/11, and the idea of Denzel Washington playing Rosa Parks in a movie, then you’d love Carmichael.

Here's a quick preview of the new special: