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DC Comics Kicks Off 'Injustice: Year Zero' Series

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DC Comics has just released the first four issues of Injustice: Year Zero, the prequel to the popular run of digital Injustice books that add a dark twist to the usual superhero fare. In this world — reminiscent of Amazon series The Boys — Superman breaks bad after The Joker uses hallucination gas to trick the Man of Steel into killing his pregnant wife, Lois Lane. He blames Batman for letting The Joker endlessly escape from prison and becomes the villain of the story, obsessed with deranged order and world peace by any means necessary. It's inarguably fantastic and a storyline Warner Bros. should consider whenever they relaunch the DCU movie universe next. 

And though the prequel — available here — isn't quite as dark and philosophical, it's definitely worth checking out after you've devoured the original run.