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How 'The X-Files' Led to 'Breaking Bad'

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Casual viewers don’t put a lot of thought into side characters on TV crime shows. They’re a dime a dozen after all. But every now and then, these small performances really stand out. One particularly powerful performance came from a young-ish Bryan Cranston. About a year after he guest starred as Tim Whatley on Seinfeld and a year before he was cast as Hal on Malcolm in the Middle, Cranston landed a small role on The X-Files for a single episode called “Drive.”

And the writer of this particular role? None other than Vince Gilligan, future creator of Breaking Bad. Here’s an inside look at Cranston and Gilligan’s first encounter on the iconic series and how it led to the legendary role of Walter White. If you're a fan of either series, it's definitely worth checking out.