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Nic Pizzolatto Confirms What Actually Happened to Amelia in 'True Detective'

Sure, we finally got some answers Sunday night we had been waiting for all season long, yet a few question marks remained, the biggest of which: how did Amelia Hays die? The elementary school teacher turned true crime author, and Detective Hays' wife, is absent for all of the 2015 timeline, leaving audiences to wonder how long Purple had been on his own. In a not so climatic fashion, Nic Pizzolatto, the show's creator, explained on Instagram, "Amelia and Wayne living their lives in 2013, planning and extended vacation around the world. It culminated in Amelia's death (peaceful, but sudden, in her sleep). Nothing nefarious, just sad." 

Regarding Wayne and his daughters' estranged relationship, Pizzolatto went on to comment, "Extended scene with Wayne and his daughter, Becca, indicating what her life is like, that she and Wayne don't have any problem other than neither of them is good at reaching out (Amelia was the parent who always called every week), and they've both been lonely without the other." He explained that both stories were cut to save time in the show, leaving some still scratching their heads in hopes for more.