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Google Takes Aim at Xbox and PlayStation With New Gaming Platform

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Google is getting into gaming in a very big way with a new challenger to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC gaming. It's called Stadia. And frankly, feels like the future of gaming as we know it. 

Detailed today at an event in San Francisco during the Game Developers Conference, the platform will run via streaming in 4K and 60 frames per second. No console will be needed and you'll be able to find a game, watch a trailer, and start playing within five seconds. “No download, no patch, and no install,” says Google.

Set to work on not just televisions but computers, tablets, and phones, it will work with most existing controllers as well as its own, which connects to Google's streaming data centers directly to limit latency. It also has a capture button for YouTube clips and Google Assistant integration. "Google, invite Luca and J.R. to my party."

Said to arrive this year, this is an exciting turn for gaming assuming you don't need the wildest internet speed imaginable to play through Red Dead or Fortnite. Exclusive games are also said to be part of the launch and a Netflix-style subscription to unlimited games feels inevitable. Google also notes that a new feature called 'Crowd Play' will be part of the system, allowing YouTubers to curate gaming experiences that go beyond a normal stream.

Stay tuned here for news as it rolls in. If they deliver on what's promise, this is paradigm shifting.