In a similar manner as to how he discussed Ronald Reagan as “quite funny in a terrifying way,” Frank Miller’s new graphic novel is surprisingly both feminist and political.

He’s now touching on current political circumstances with The Dark Knight III: Master Race, available now available on Amazon for less than $20.

After fifteen years, Frank Miller decided to team up with co-writer Brain Azzarello and the artists Andy Kubert, Brad Anderson, and Klaus Janson.

While Miller won’t be giving away too many details, the next chapter involves the next generation.

“Carrie Kelley was a real breakthrough for me because she was such a fresh character,” said Miller. “Her perfect contrast was Lara. I loved the fact that the dark guy (Batman) had the bright daughter and the bright guy (Superman) had the dark daughter.”

After criticism of his last work, he decided to make his female characters less of an adolescent fantasy and more of a fully formed character. In the new story, the issues revolve around the women and their fathers.

For this new piece, the writer had to wait until everything came together. “You don’t jump in on the job until you have enough material and a good enough idea. It needed some new wrinkles, some new places to go,” confirmed the creator.

Consider us excited.