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Forward: Victoria Secret Fashion Show Casting, Tim Tebow's Email + More

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“Forward” points you to stories worth reading that weren’t written by us.

Larry Ellison's Wrecked $8 Million Yacht Is Reborn As An Airplane: Recycling an $8 Million yacht seems like the "green" thing to do. [Business Insider]

Tim Tebow's Email is Hacked: Turns out, doesn't spam as bad as Spotify. [Grantland]

Best and Worst Fictional Presidents from TV and Film: President Palmer. Always remember. [The Daily Beast]

Is TV Killing the NFL?: With people finally realizing it's better to watch the game on your sofa than in the freezing cold, Roger Goodell is a little worried. [New York Post]

10 Bond Gadgets That Have Become Readily Available Technology: Still waiting on that jetpack. [A.V. Club]

Behind-The-Scenes At Victoria's Secret's Fashion Show Casting: The hardest job in the world. [Business Insider]