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'Following' (1999), A Film By Christopher Nolan

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Director Christopher Nolan is a fan favorite to many. The Dark Knight series is next to perfect and his other films ranging from Momento to Inception are critically and commercially adored. Before all his success though, Nolan directed a low-budget scrapped together 16mm movie called Following.


Here is the official film synopsis: An unemployed young writer who trails strangers through London, hoping that they will provide inspiration for his first novel. He gets more than he bargained for when one of his unwitting subjects leads him down a dark criminal path. With gritty aesthetics and a made-on-the-fly vibe (many shots were simply stolen on the streets, unbeknownst to passersby), Following is a mind- bending psychological journey that shows the remarkable beginnings of one of today’s most acclaimed filmmakers.

We're excited that Criterion has decided to release this movie to the masses. We're picking up the Blu-Ray. You should too.