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Australian-based producer Harley Edward Streten, more commonly known as Flume, doesn’t need anyone to argue his case. He proved he was something to reckon with after his self-titled debut album rose to the top of the Australian music charts and found its way into bars and nightclubs across the world.

While the modern internet age allows virtually unknown artists to dramatically rise to new heights and fall just as quickly, what is curious about Flume’s music, and an indicator of its lasting power, is his range. His diverse array of songs and remixes means you could find your snobbiest of music friends playing him at their Brooklyn loft parties while also catching your more bro-y friends fist pumping to him at the local club.

Listen Now: "Smoke & Retribution" feat. Vince Staples & Kucka

It’s this continued diversity that makes his new album, Skin, worth a listen. With guest appearances by Kai, Vince Staples, Aluna George, Little Dragon, Beck and more, the album covers plenty of ground. With such a wide array of sounds it could be understood why Skin might not resonate with someone as a whole, but just about anyone with a pulse (and moderate appreciation of electronic music) should walk away with at least one or two songs on repeat.

Listen Now: "Never Be Like You" feat. Kai

There’s something to be said about an artist that can cast such a wide musical net while still saying true to his own sound, and Streten seems to be doing this almost subconsciously.