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This Book Will Help You Tackle Ego and Build Confidence

A new read from Ryan Holiday.

Ryan Holiday is back at it as he announced that he's finally releasing another book, Ego Is the Enemy, and we couldn't be more excited. For those of you who aren't familiar with Ryan, he has done it all. From dropping out of college to apprenticing under Robert Greene to advising authors such as Tucker Max to serving as Director of Marketing at American Apparel, it seems like there isn't anything Ryan can't do.  

Picking up where his first book, The Obstacle Is The Way, leaves off, Ryan dives into the lives of some of the most prominent figures in history. Focusing on how prolific figures, such as General George Patton, Eleanor Roosevelt and Bill Belichick, have been able to fend off vanity, tragedy and fame – all incredibly seductive to the ego – to keep their egos in check and find success.

"What do we do when our greatest obstacle is ourselves? How do we conquer the arrogance that comes with success or the blinding focus that accompanies ambition? In every phase of life—whether we’re aspiring to something, reaping the rewards of success or dealing with the difficulties of adversity or failure—ego is our enemy." - Ryan Holiday

We've already ordered a few examples of Ego Is the Enemy and highly recommend you snag yourself a copy as well. You won't be disappointed.