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Durand Jones & The Indications Might Be Your Favorite New Band

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If Durand Jones & The Indications aren't at the top of every playlist you're making nowadays, they're about to be.

“My grandma always heard me singing at home, and she said, ‘I’m gonna put your ass in the youth choir,’” remembers Durand Jones. “I was reluctant. But one day the organist could hear me in the choir, and said ‘boy I’m gonna give you a song.’ So I sang the song and the whole church just flipped out. People were running and jumping and afterward, they were giving me money and stuff. Man, it was really cool. That’s when the realization came that maybe I could make something of this.”

After leaving small-town Louisiana for the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, Jones linked with a band and started making old school soul music with deep grooves and the smoothest of vocals. A record deal shortly followed and they've been developing a cult following ever since.

Here's the band performing "True Love" live in a New York studio:

And here's The Indications' drummer, Aaron Frazer, taking lead on vocals for the track "Is It Any Wonder?":

Yeah, for real, that's the drummer. If you like what you hear, you can pick up their record on Amazon and see them live in your hometown in no time. If they're half as good in person as they are in these showcases, you'll be in for a treat.