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Make Space for a New Edition of the Definitive Capitol Records Book

Capitol Records is about to turn 80, and just in time to mark the occasion, Taschen is bringing out a new, more accessibly priced edition of its epic illustrated history of the famed record label.

Set to be released on April 20, and now available to pre-order on Amazon, Capitol Records runs to nearly 500 pages, and recounts the glorious story of the label that "brought the Beatles to America and the Beach Boys to the world."

Its famous round tower in Hollywood was also home to the likes of Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra, and later on Pink Floyd, the Beastie Boys, Beck, and Radiohead as well. Beck contributed the book's foreword.

The rich imagery found in its pages comes from the incredible Capitol Record archives, and covers everything from rock and pop to R&B, country, classical, soul, and jazz, dating back to when the label was established in 1942.

The book contains essays by cultural historians and music critics, on everything from the label’s "most successful, cool, hip, and creative stars, as well as the one-hit wonders who had their all-too-brief moments in the spotlight."

Taken together it's a "live-and-kicking celebration of the mighty giant of the industry that created the soundtrack to generations past, present, and future." So make some space on the shelf, stat.