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These Privately Commissioned Movie Posters Are Made To The Highest Standard

Can you guess which one we just ordered?

Limited-license movie posters have become a thing for us in recent years. We have grown to be strong advocates for the surging rise of fan art. Meaning, we appreciate thoughtful design when art directors are allowed to freely explore poster treatments without commercial pressure. This thinking has to led to some unusually, badass commissions. Here are four we applaud.

The Usual Suspects by Vlad Rodriguez 

We're so into this medium-sized screen print. Maybe it's the central point of the film illustrated so delicately, or all the reference points captured into one artist proof that fuels this flick's incredible tale. 

Dark City by Chris Skinner 

In French speckletone brown, this screen print with glowing dark ink brilliantly portrays what this under-appreciated film represents – hidden variance throughout the city in all the best possible ways. 

 Jaws by John Barry Ballaran 

Paying homage to the Spielberg way of 'what you can't see is more terrifying,' we adore our favorite Jaws moment in this medium-sized form. RIP Quint. 

The Abyss by Roby Amor 

Digging this concept for one of James Cameron's underrated creations. Bud knew his descent was a one way ticket, and each designed level touches on his emotions on the way down.