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This Cool New Song from Coyote Island Brings Summer Vibes Into Fall

Back in June we told you about the coolest new band in town, Coyote Island, launching its debut single "Here Before." We had it on repeat all summer, as well as the equally catchy follow-up track "Golden Rule," which racked up nearly 150,000 streams in a matter of days and shows no signs of slowing down.

Most recently, the project that is the brainchild of multitalented Maine-based musician Mike O'Hehir, came out with a third tune, "11," which may be our favorite of the bunch. And now we've got a first look at the video — their first ever — for you. Co-produced with Nic Coolidge, "11" is Coyote Island's most upbeat track to date, building on their signature blend of folk, pop, reggae, and R&B, and the video is suitably lighthearted.

"The song is about new love, trying to take it slow, but falling head over heels," O'Hehir, who is represented by the Humble Angel label, tells AIROWS. "I wrote it in the heat of summer. I was crashing with some friends up in the boonies of Maine and they let me build a small studio in the attic. I was sweating my balls off but I couldn’t walk away from the track 'til it was done... maybe that’s why it’s only two minutes long!"

The video was filmed at the famed Funtown Splashtown USA water park in Saco, Maine, which is temporarily shuttered, by local production team ROVE. "To be in a closed-down amusement park at the peak of summer was really trippy," O'Hehir relates. "We wanted to emphasize the notion of 'we still out here' amidst a lockdown and much social unrest."

He adds, "I realize that there’s a leisurely surreal element to the video, which was intentional in contrast to our social climate. I wanted to put out something light and playful in times where darkness and tension over COVID and other issues loom heavily in the media." And we certainly appreciate it. Both the video and the song are extremely infectious (if you'll forgive the term), and you'll want to add it to your favorite playlists. 

Moving forward Coyote Island plans to release a new single every month, with a full-length album due out next year, and more cool videos to come. "Most people are listening to stations and playlists, so the initial focus has been to get into those channels, and Humble Angel has been helping with that," O'Hehir says. "But this winter I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the studio." 

We can't wait to hear the results.