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Burberry Taps Into Gaming With 'B Bounce'

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Luxury fashion house Burberry is entering the gaming space with B Bounce, which features simple-but-addicting gameplay and highlights their latest outerwear designs with a playful style. Players are able to win custom emoticons and stickers based on their performance.

“We have been trying to get involved in game marketing in China, but B Bounce is our first time to reach out to our new generation of young consumers in an interactive and fun game," says Mark Morris, SVP of Digital Business at Burberry. "We know that online, a new generation of young consumers are living in an increasingly diverse and interactive environment. We are delighted that they can join the Burberry community in the form of game interactions to experience our latest collection of down jackets.”

As gaming and fashion continue to grow together in interesting ways, we definitely expect more branded experiences like this to arrive in the future, as well as digital cosmetics (like the Jordan Brand x Fortnite collaboration from earlier this year) becoming a bigger and bigger thing.