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5 Albums Every Guy Needs to Pre-Order Now

The next two months in music.

Spring traditionally sees a rash of new musical releases as listeners thaw out from the long winter months. Things are getting started early this year with some impeccable upcoming releases you'd do well to get on top of. Here are five of the best:

1.) Ty Segall, Ty Segall / Jan. 27


The 29-year old lo-fi/garage rock sensation from California is releasing his 9th studio album, and the lack of fanciful title indicates it's back to basics. Tracks like Orange Color Queen have overtones of early Bowie but that's just the beginning. 

2.) Thievery Corporation, The Temple of I & I / Feb. 10

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 6.30.25 PM

"Trip-hop" only covers a part of what this dynamic duo has been cranking out in high style for over 20 years. Their latest release was inspired by Jamaican music and recorded there featuring cameos from several local artists.

3.) Dirty Projectors, Dirty Projectors / Feb. 24


Yale dropout Dave Longstreth and co.'s recordings defy conventional description, except for the fact that their instantly addictive. The orchestral flourishes on tracks like "Little Bubble" will blow your medulla oblongata.

4.) The Shins, Heartworms / March 10


Shins frontman James Mercer has emerged as one of the most important figures in modern American songwriting, though he has so far managed to avoid being dragged into the mainstream. Heartworms is set to be one of the new year's true gems. 

5.) Spoon, Hot Thoughts / March 17


No one does edgy, unapologetic indie pop-rock with a British inflection better than Spoon–which is interesting considering they're from Austin, Texas. We've already touted the title track and it seems to be just a hint of good things to come once again.