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5 Essential Heist Flicks Every Person Should See

The heist flick, when done properly, is a classic cocktail of gripping plot, serious style, great acting, cool cars, a measure of gunplay and, of course, very beautiful women. 

In a sense all James Bond films are heist jobs so we'll leave those aside and focus on five essentials that should be in your queue for the long winter nights ahead:

The Italian Job

The masterful Michael Caine original from 1969, of course, not the remake – generally a good rule of thumb. This one's got it all and Caine's tailoring is simply off the charts to boot.

Danger: Diabolik

OK, so this one's Italian and the dialogue isn't exactly Shakespearian, but nearly every scene is an orgy of coolness. Did somebody say matching E-Types?

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

The best of Guy Ritchie's laddish crime-comedies, which made Jaston Statham into a marquee name and launched a host of imitators. 

The Thomas Crown Affair

Steve McQueen at his best as a bored billionaire who plots brilliant crimes to pass the time. Faye Dunaway ain't too shabby either. 

Sexy Beast

Ben Kingsley got an Oscar nom for his masterful portrayal of gangster Don Logan in a flick that's come to be regarded as one of the best British movies ever made.