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If you follow movie and culture news regularly, you might have caught word that Netflix has been secretly developing a film called Bandersnatch set within the Black Mirror world.

And now thanks to Korean message boards, data miners and internet sleuths, we know a lot more about it.

Here's the breakdown:

  • The project is being helmed by David Slade, who directed last season’s black and white “Metalhead” episode.
  • Dunkirk’s Fionn Whitehead stars, though the rest of the cast is unannounced. (There's not even an IMDB page yet.)
  • The movie focuses on a young programmer who turns a fantasy novel into a game that somehow blends reality and V.R. worlds together.
  • It's dropping on December 28.
  • And most interestingly of all, we now know the total runtime is a massive 312 minutes, which is nearly five hours long.

The last bit, of course, practically confirms that Bandersnatch will indeed be the long-rumored game-style movie from Netflix. Can it be Friday yet...?