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Aaron Paul To Play Han Solo In 'Star Wars' Spin-Off? Sounds Amazing

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One of the most talented dudes in the whole Hollywood system is Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. He's one of the nicest guys ever and could play the angsty, cunning, swashbuckling, and brash Han Solo better than pretty much anyone we can think of. Right now, it's not quite confirmed, but there are a lot of signs pointing to the fact that he's probably the guy for Disney...

1.) He tweeted this out.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 10.18.18 AM

2.) He did a live reading of the Empire Strikes Back script (playing Luke Skywalker) in LA right before Christmas 2014. People who attended linked his vocal performance and tone to Han Solo and rumors started to swirl right after.

3.) Jason Ward, the Star Wars super fan and reliable source for leaks, recently wrote the following...

- "A code name for the production is Luminac Industrial Goods."

- "[The source goes] on to say there's going to be a really interesting situation at Pinewood Studios. The filming will eventually overlap with some of Star Wars: Episode VIII."

- "Who are they hearing the film is about? Han Solo."

- "They went on to say the word around the current production at Pinewood is that Aaron Paul is looking to be attached to the first Star Wars spin-off film in some fashion."

4.) Disney has 100% confirmed that they're making a dedicated Han Solo movie.

Sincerely hoping they go with Mr. Paul. Time will tell. But if anyone can play a lovable scoundrel/smuggler/outlaw, we know it's this guy...