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A Beautifully Done Hour Long Reggae Mix

Your jams for the day.
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Really loved this simple and elegant reggae mixed with a great history. Here's the story, followed by the mix, via Done To Death Projects:

Phase Selector Sound was formed in 1996 by Craig Allen and Josh Elrod who went on to release "Disassemble Dub" on ROIR records in 1999. It was well received by critics and has gained a kind of cult following for dub heads. Other releases were on compilations for BSI (Portland) and a 7" for Lush Records in Sweden.

Craig has continued to record under the moniker Pale Rider and has released a number of 12" LPs through his own Cassava Outernational imprint.

Beginning this summer Craig and Josh teamed up again to host a monthly reggae party at Dino's in East Nashville and are beginning to work together again for a future release.

This mix was done directly to a hard drive from two Technics 1200s and a mixer. Almost all the tunes came from original 7" records or repress records. A strictly 1969-1980 vinyl mix.