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7 Underrated Movies To Watch On Netflix Right Now

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Here's a few selections of incredible (and under-the-radar) movies worth watching on Netflix Instant the next time you have a movie night.

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The Brothers Bloom: Directed by the guy who did Lopper and will do the eight and ninth Star Wars movies, this is an amazing flick about the best con men in the world, swindling millionaires with lust and intrigue. Mark Ruffalo and Adrian Brody are both great in this.


The Hunt: This film stars Mads Mikkelsen, the bad guy from Casino Royale and star of NBC's Hannibal, as a teacher who is accused of doing something terrible by one of this students. An incredible Danish thriller and Mikkelsen (as always) is a tour-de-force.

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Somm: If you enjoy shows like Top Chef and love a good bottle of wine, you'll love this documentary. It focuses on four different sommeliers who are trying to pass the elite and difficult Master Sommelier exam. Highly rec'd.


Big Star - Nothing Can Hurt Me: An all-time great band, Big Star released only two albums in their career---both in the mid 70's---that were critically adored but commercially unsuccessful. The've influenced some Airows favorites like Wilco and basically the entire pop-rock/folk/indie scene, without ever really making a few bucks. This documentary explores what it's like to be a cult classic band and adored by so many influencers in the music business, without ever playing on the big stage yourself. Fascinating.


Chef: An easy and fun watch that focuses around a failed chef turned food truck master. Watch with a dinner reservation set for immiditley afterwards, you're going to want to eat something delicious once the credits hit.

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The Battered Bastards Of Baseball: An amazing look at a ragtag independent baseball team in the 1970's that's a must-watch if you love sports and America's pastime. Heartwarming, inspiring, and just perfect.


Patriot Games: Harrison Ford's first time playing Jack Ryan is a good one---don't let the mediocre Jack Ryan films starring Ben Affleck and Chris Pine bring an all-time great literary character down. This is an amazing watch if you love political thrillers and worth revisiting if you haven't seen the flick since its early 90's debut. A Tom Clancy adaption at its best.