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6 Podcasts Every Man Should Listen To

Perfect for the gym or the commute.
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When it comes to consuming audio content, pretty much nothing can compare with a great podcast. It's the best way to get both educated and be entertained while  accomplishing other tasks like commuting to and from work, going to the gym, or doing chores around the house. Once you find a few good ones, you'll be hooked... Here are few we couldn't recommended more.

The Tim Ferriss Show: If you're into self-improvement, Tim Ferriss needs to be on your radar. He's the guy behind the brilliant Four Hour Workweek book that sounds like a sleazy informercial but is actually packed with actionable and realistic advice on  how to live life the best you can. On his podcast, Ferriss interviews world-class performers and breaks down what makes them so successful by discussing their business DNA, career paths, and productivity habits. 

Tomorrow With Joshua Topolsky: This is a brand new podcast from the dude who help start The Verge, is the technology contributor for The Tonight Show, and is currently serving as one of the driving forces behind Bloomberg,com. In the podcast, Topolsky talks all things technology and culture, and discusses how the intersection of those things is changing our future.

WTF With Marc Maron: On this podcast, comedian Marc Maron has in-depth discussions with some of the best comedians and actors in the world. Each one is fascinating in a different way and shows a side of famous people you don't normally see on late night talk shows and typical press appearances.

The B.S. Report: Hosted by Bill Simmons, one of the biggest and most accomplished sports writers in the world, this show is a great mix of laid-back sports chatter and pop culture discussion. Topics range from the NBA playoffs to a breakdown of the latest Fast & The Furious movie.

Reply All: This isn't a free-flowing conversation, it's a highly-produced audio documentary highlighting something related to the internet each week. It's hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, who do an outstanding job finding the most bizarre things the web has to offer and teaching listeners what makes them so special.

Hollywood Prospectus: Two Grantland writers with outstanding taste, Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald, break down the best in TV, movies, books, and music. They give the smartest takes in ways that are always funny but low-key. 

*BONUS* Airows: Our own podcast launched a few weeks ago and we couldn't be more excited about it. We break down the popular stories on this website and dive into other things that are trending in the men's lifestyle space. We also end each episode with a recommendation--cool gear, a great book, a new clothing brand doing good stuff, a must-see movie--that sort of thing.