Where All 50 States Rank On The "50 Shades" Scale Of "Bedroom Adventurous"

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With the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie sweeping the world right now, BrainFall collected some major data to find out which U.S. states were the most "bedroom adventurous." Here's a quick map that highlights what they found. The darker the state is, the more crazy they get in the bedroom...

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.33.45 AM

And here are all the stats. First up, in alphabetical order... (0 = super innocent, 50 = wildly deviant)


Second, ranking by score... (0 = super innocent, 50 = wildly deviant)


So there you have it. Hawaii, Alaska and Maine are incredibly innocent and Alabama, Nebraska, and South Carolina are where things like this go down...