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3 Binge-Watchable Netflix Shows That Will Make You A Better Person

Excellent TV you probably haven't seen yet.
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Here's a few completely addicting and totally amazing TV series streaming on Netflix that will make you want to be a better person, call your loved ones, hold your significant other tighter, and generally--be a better person. No antiheroes, corrupt cops, meth rings, or mob hits in sight. 

1.) Parenthood

This show focuses around a huge family in Berkley and their life and times. No hidden agenda, a nephew that's secretly a spy, or any robotic army taking over northern California--just real drama, real people, and a family you'll feel like you're part of. If you're not completely hooked after the first episode, you want to make sure you have a heart.

2.) Friday Night Lights

The movie was only OK, but the TV show is one of the greatest ever. Once you get past the thick southern accents and less than glamorous lifestyles, you uncover an incredibly human and beautiful small-town drama with great people and great happiness. Yes, the show is about football, but when it comes down to it, it's about so much more.

3.) The West Wing

Even if you're not living in the United States, this White House drama is beautifully done with great characters and excellent moments that will leave you glowing, no matter where you stand politically. It's basically the opposite of House Of Cards in every way. If you were only a kid when this original aired, it's worth going back and bing-watching from the top. The cast, characters, and writing (by Aaron Sorkin, no less) is flat out perfect.