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News broke recently that Disney is developing a Star Wars spin-off movie focused on a young Han Solo. Here's a handful of guys we like for the role, Chris Pratt not included--because frankly--the guy doesn't have time to swashbuckle in another franchise.

1.) Garret Hedlund

He already looks like the dude, talks like the guy, and can pull off that brash confidence like nobody's business. He's our number one choice by the longest shot.

2.) Taylor Kitch

After completely dominating the greatest TV show of all time--Friday Night Lights--Kitch's rise to A-list status, as many expected, bombed after a few blockbusters like John Carter and Battleship tanked. But with a lead role in the new True Detective series and all the charm and rugged charisma in the world, we have no doubt that he could pull off Han Solo with relative ease.

3.) Josh Holloway

The Lost star might be too old at 45, but there's few people who we'd love to see as an intergalactic smuggler more. The guy bleeds swagger.