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One of the greatest movies ever made has some fascinating behind-the-scenes trivia. If you love the movie--and we hope you do--you'll love this.

1.) The script was only green-lit after it  rejected FORTY TIMES.

2.) Christopher Lloyd has said multiple times that he's up for a Back To The Future IV, where Marty and Doc travel back to Ancient Rome.

3.) The head honcho at Universal Picture, Sid Sheinberg, hated the name of the movie and didn't think it would work. He insisted that Spaceman From Pluto was a better name than Back To The Future and when he asked Steven Spielberg to back him up, Spielberg thought he was joking. The original name stuck.

3.) Michael J. Fox was always choice number one to play Marty McFly, but originally couldn't do it because of his commitment to the TV show Family Ties.

4.) The crew cast Eric Stoltz to play Marty instead, but after four weeks of filming, the director, Robert Zemeckis, felt Stolz wasn't right for the part and canned him, despite losing a ton of money in production costs.

5.) They somehow got Michael J. Fox to agree to do the film, despite the fact that he still had to shoot Family Ties scenes Monday-Friday. He would shoot the TV show all day and drive straight to the Back To The Future set at night and film from 6pm to 6am. The daytime Back To The Future scenes had to be filmed on the weekend and he was averaging less than 5 hours a sleep a night during production.

6.) All of Biff's catchphrases like "make like a tree and get outta here" and "butthead" were improvised by the actor.

7.) The movie made more money than any other film in 1985.

8.) Michael J. Fox isn't as good a singer as you might think. All of the vocal tracks were lip-sung and actually performed by Mark Campbell.

9.) The DeLorean team didn't spend any money to have their car in the movie. It was chosen by the creative team because it would have looked the most like an alien spaceship to a crowd of high school kids in 1955.

10.) The hunch that Doc has throughout the movie wasn't a medical condition of the actor nor was it part of the character. It was just that Michael J. Fox is so short--only 5 foot 4--so he had to hunch to be in the same frame as him half the time.

11.)  Johnny Depp, a complete unknown at the time, auditioned for the role of Marty McFly.

12.) Michael J. Fox was a pretty good skateboarder and filmed much of the scenes himself, but they still used a skateboarding double for the more complex moves.

13.) Disney turned down the movie because they thought the "mother falling in love with her son" thing was too risky of their core audience.

14.) In the original script, Doc Brown had a pet chimp instead of a dog named Einstein.

15.) In the original script, Marty's last name was McDermott before they settled on McFly because it was cooler and easier to say.

16.) Jeff Goldblum was considered for the role of Doc Brown.

17.) John Cusack  and C. Thomas Howell were considered for the role of Marty McFly.