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17 Fun And Intersting Facts About Christmas

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With the big day right around the corner, here are a few fun and interesting facts about good 'ol Christmas. Impress at the dinner time or lay some knowledge down in front of your easily impressed younger cousins with some of these.

1.) In the USA, 1/6th of all retail sales in a year are Christmas presents.

2.) Apparently, due to a hyper-successful ad campaign 40 years ago, MANY Japanese people eat KFC for Christmas dinner.

3.) "X" means "Chi" in Greek which is an abbreviation for "Christmas." That's why you see people frequently short handing the holiday by calling it "X-Mas."

4.) For an artificial Christmas tree to be more environmentally friendly than a real tree, it has to be used for over 20 years.

5.) At Christmastime in WWI, Germany and the UK had a truce and exchanged gifts in the middle of nowhere and played a game of soccer between themselves.

6.) "Winter Wonderland" and "I’m Dreaming of a white Christmas" were written by Jewish people.

7.) A lot of people in Sweden watch Donald Duck cartoons every Christmas Eve.

8.) Most people consider Paul McCartney's Christmas song as his worst ever. Surely he doesn't mind though---that song alone makes him roughly $500,000 each year.

9.) Early illustrations of Santa Claus weren't very holly and jolly. The focus was on discipline and keeping children on their best behavior.

10.) The first artificial Christmas trees were made from dyed goose feathers.

11.) Male reindeer shed their antlers around Christmas, so most likely, all of the reindeers in Santa's entourage are female.

12.) Facebook shared data that Christmas is the day with the least amount of breakups.

13.) Facebook also shared that two weeks before Christmas was the most popular time for breakups.

14.) Every year, at least 45 million Christmas trees are planted.

15.) 4 million tons of wrapping and tissue paper are thrown away every year in the USA.

16.) Poinsettias are in fact, non-deadly, and cause nothing more than a little bit of irritation or discomfort if eaten.

17.) 5,800+ people per year end up in the ER after a light hanging accident.