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12 Spy-Ready Actors Who Could Be the Next James Bond

Prepped for MI-6.

Daniel Craig isn't gonna play James Bond forever and it's always fun to imagine other actors in the iconic role. Here are a few people who could pull off charming, impeccably dressed, and wildly dangerous like nobody's business.

1.) Dan Stevens

After seeing Cousin Matthew from Downton Abbey as his character in The Guest, you'll get why this talented actor should absolutely be a frontrunner.

2.) Dominic Cooper

The ultra-suave British actor is already playing Bond-creator Ian Fleming in an upcoming biopic movie, but he ultimately said that he wants the part of 007 post-Daniel Craig. We don't hate that idea.

3.) Rupert Friend

The Homeland star was on Sony's shortlist before Daniel Craig got the gig and there's no reason he shouldn't be again.

4.) Idris Elba

The ultimate favorite right now and the perfect choice for a debonair womanizing secret agent who can kill a man with his bare hands 37 different ways. The perfect balance of class and strength.

5.) Michael Fassbender

His swaggering performance as Magneto in the X-Men movies is the only thing he needs on his resume.

6.) Tom Hiddleston

There are few people as charming and talented as Tom Hiddleston. Pretty confident that he can nail any role in the world, so Bond should be no different.

7.) Christian Bale

This would be an incredible land for MGM and Sony if they could get Bale as James Bond. One of the finest actors there is.

8.) Tom Hardy

An acting tour de force, Hardy would for a great James Bond who is a little rough around the edges and a little bit of a loose cannon. He always plays those characters well.

9.) Chiwetel Ejiofor

12 Years A Slave proved that this British actor is one of the best there is. He's outstanding in everything and could play 007 nicely.

10.) Nicholas Hoult

A bit on the young side, sure, but when Craig is finally hanging up that Armani suit, Hoult will be around 30 years of age. Hire him a personal trailer and you could have as sharp and cool a James Bond as ever.

11.) Luke Evans

Even though Dracula Untold was terrible, Mr. Evans was outstanding. Another rough-around-the-edges actor who could bring a lot of badass to 007.

12.) Damian Lewis

He was so excellent in both Homeland and Billions that you basically gotta root for Lewis in anything he's in. It's easy to imagine him as a lethal secret agent.