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10 Underrated Movies Of 2014 That You Might Have Missed

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Here's a handful of quality watches that flew under the radar over the last year. The kind of solid watches that aren't necessarily the tiniest of art films, but solid movies that for whatever reason, never made it to the full-blown mass-audeince zeitgeist. Here's a nice video recapping 'em all...

And here's the full list...

- Obvious Child
- Enemy
- Jodorowsky's Dune
- Only Lovers Left Alive
- Joe
- Locke
- A Most Wanted Man
- The Rover
- Edge of Tomorrow
- Starred Up

Out of everything listed, the movie we can recommended the most confidently is Edge Of Tomorrow. The film is a total blast, Emily Blunt looks stunning in it, and despite it being a Tom Cruise movie, he's perfectly casted. You'll realize that within the first five minutes of the film. Here's the trailer... It's on VOD now.