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This Photographic Treasure Trove Is a Glimpse Into Mad Men-Era NYC

New York City, 1968. Men were still wearing jackets and neckties to the office, while hats were no longer de rigeur. When you hailed a taxicab (to the movies perhaps, to see the lovely Mia Farrow in the unlovely Rosemary’s Baby) it might be an old Studebaker or a new Dodge Coronet.

Amateur photographer Ed Whinrey financed his world travels by working as an actuary for The Equitable life insurance company near Rockefeller Center. His cache of slides was left to a young cousin, architect Earl Parson who has shared a few with AIROWS. “Of all the hundreds of pictures of exotic locations,” Parson says, “these images of New York as he saw it are by far the most intriguing to me.”

Pour yourself a shot of Canadian Club and enjoy.