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The Unseen Art is a very cool project run by Helsinki-based designer Marc Dillon, who is amazingly using 3D printing to let blind and visually impaired people experience world famous art they've heard about their entire lives. 

Dillon comments: “Creating equal access for art globally is our passion and goal. There are many people in the world who have heard of classical artworks their whole lives but are unable to see them. Now they can experience them for the first time and create their own impressions and opinions. Making global impact through crowdfunding allows blind and visually impaired people globally to personally experience the inspiration, education, and thought-provoking feelings that meaningful art creates.”

They are using sand-based 3D printing at an insanely detailed quality, with a goal of putting the recreations on display in museums around the globe. They also plan on sharing the 3D printing blueprints for free via their website, so this unique take on art can be consumed by as many people as posible.

The Unseen Art is currently running a IndieGoGo funding round, so if you're inspired by the work they're is doing, throw a few dollars their way. They're making something special.