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Pixelated Interpretations Of Iconic Designs From History


Industrial designer Jung Soo Park has put forward a brilliant design series called Museum of Pixelated Industrial Design. With an Instagram roll-out, we're all-in on his creative effort and have a design soft-spot for the entire series. Here are ten of our favorites.  

1.) Apple computer (Designed in 1984)

2.) Barcelona chair (Designed in 1929)

3.) Eames lounge chair (Designed in 1956)

4.) Egg chair (Designed in 1958)

5.) iPod (Designed in 2001)

6.) Kodak Instamatic 100 (Designed in 1963)

7.) LC2 Chair (Designed in 1928)

8.) Lego brick (Designed in 1958)

9.) Moka Pot (Designed in 1933)

10.) Volkswagen Type 1 (Designed in 1938)