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Daniel Arsham Reveals Stunning New Crystallized Pokémon Card

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Contemporary artist Daniel Arsham continues to celebrate his love for Pokémon and collectible cards with yet another eye-popping sculpture, this time showcasing the character Mew in TCG form.

The statement piece was built in collaboration with the Tokyo-based jewelry studio EYEFUNNY OBJECTS from a combination of black granite and crystal. And though it won't be up for sale — at least not soon — it will be on display at the “Ancient Power: Hidden in the Ruins” exhibition at the Nanzuka 2G art gallery starting Feb. 11.

However, those looking to pad out their collection won't be out of luck. Also on Feb. 11, Arsham will be dropping a scaled-down version made from white cast resin and crystal dust via his website.

Pricing, for now, is TBD, but I can confirm it will be limited to 500 examples worldwide with its edition number and authenticity marked on the holographic label.