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Beyond the Rose: A Better Way to Gift Flowers This Valentine's Day

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Brooklyn-based contemporary artist Andy Blank is hellbent on setting a new standard for buying artwork online, ditching the outdated model led by industry politics and gallery greed and selling his pieces in limited quantities using the highest quality materials at just a touch over cost. That means each piece is under $199, frame and shipping included.

To kick off 2020, he just launched a limited series of rose-focused artworks for Valentine's Day. Each piece is limited (ranging from 30 to 100 examples apiece) and numbered.

It may seem a little too adventurous to some but we love the idea of leaving the overpriced, sloppy, half-dead grocery market flowers to the chumps this V-Day and gifting your significant other this twice as beautiful, twice as interesting alternative instead. Non-traditionalists are sure to appreciate the maneuver deeply, especially so if their tastes lean towards contemporary and modern.

Unframed pricing for the Valentine's Day collection starts at just $49 with framed pricing starting at $149. And if these don't speak to you for whatever reason, the artist has a wide collection of other works to consider.