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Andy Blank Is Taking the Inflated Price Out of Contemporary Art

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Brooklyn-based contemporary artist Andy Blank doesn't feel art should be expensive. So he did something about it and launched an e-commerce platform offering a pared-down selection of his original artwork in a variety of mediums.

Each piece is quite large in scale and available for a limited time and in limited quantities with price tags that range from $99 to $199. “When we typically think of affordability in the art world, too often that means mass-produced, machine-printed canvases or shoddy work in general, and that’s not good enough,” Blank explains. “Everything about this venture is about the product and attention to detail. We wanted to produce art that’s tangible, elegant, and of an extraordinary standard.” 

And if the art itself and pricing strategy weren't appetizing enough, every painting and framed work ships to your door free and is ready-to-hang from the jump. If you've been wanting to upgrade your walls with a few original pieces, head here to shop through all the art and find a few things that are right for your space.