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Wrenchmonkees Transformed A Yamaha XSR900 Into A Flat-Out Beauty

Art on two wheels.
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When must custom motorcycle shops create something stunning, it almost always starts with a classic ride. Wrenchmonkees aren't most custom motorcycle shops.

Playing by a different set of rules, they decked out a brand new Yamaha XSR900, a fine ride off the lot, but far from something that's gonna rack up five-digit reblogs on Tumblr. There's quality and reliability – just no style.

Their take, Monkeebeast – which sounds like a World Of Warcraft character – kits out the XSR900 in an all-black, subtle, minimalist look that's rugged and masculine in every way. When Bond reaches for the Aston Martin keys, a tee shirt clad Jason Bourne is hopping on this.