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Stop Dreaming, Start Driving: Why Now Is the Time to Acquire Your Dream Car

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Who hasn’t dreamed of some day owning a Porsche? Not one of those pseudo-SUVs or entry level roadsters but a real, red-blooded 911? 

But one look at SUV sales versus 911s will tell you how impractical it is for most people, and there are of course several weighty matters to consider before pulling the trigger on a purebred sports car, that while technically equipped with a back seat, is suitable only for carrying the tiniest of people.

And so for several years I’d been entertaining the idea, but had never made it past the daydreaming stage.

And then came the day that, browsing the internet listings of pre-owned Porsches as usual in idle moments, I came across one that seemed to tick all the boxes at an extremely reasonable price. A quick visit to showed that it wasn’t going to be prohibitively expensive to insure the thing while their robust smart tools like photo claims and video appraisal gave me serious peace of mind.

And so I decided on the spot to completely ignore the other concerns most normal people would have and make it mine.

Now I don’t know whether you have ever had a good look at the inside of a 911. Yes, the rear seats do fold down, which might help in transporting the sort of flat hard suitcases nobody has anymore. 

And there is a sort of attenuated trunk under the bonnet (the engine of course being in the rear) which can hold enough groceries to keep a normal sized man from starving to death for at least 48 hours. But that’s about it.

My rationale at the time was that the limitations of the car would lead me to a new, less-cluttered lifestyle. I decided to immediately adopt the worldview that “if it doesn’t fit in a 911, you don’t need it.”

This has not always proved to be the case, but I’ve never looked back. Because once you’ve managed to shove whatever Ghurka bags and other crap you’re carrying into the thing, the rest is sheer automotive hedonism.

Now my car just turned 10, but the evolution of the 911’s design is such that it has changed little since it first debuted in 1963. My 911 is a 997 in Porsche speak, meaning it has the classic round headlights which give it a timeless look. 

There isn’t a single day I walk outside and see it without getting a visceral jolt of pride and pleasure at the sheer beauty of the thing. Or feel a bit like Steve McQueen when I start it up.

To the untrained eye, which means most, it looks brand new (being in mint condition helps), and draws admiring glances daily from males and females alike. And often a look of sheer wonder as they imagine what sort of blind luck came my way that I should own such a thing. 

It has plenty of power courtesy of a 3.6 litre 325 hp flat-six and responds perfectly to a little lead on the pedal. And it looks fast even standing stock still.

911s happen to be among the highest-rated in terms or reliability and overall build quality, so I was able to score a comprehensive after-market warranty. Mated to the insurance I’m confident enough to go on long road trips, like the one I took to Nova Scotia two summers ago.

Since then we’ve gone on many road trips long and short, each one more epic by an order of magnitude over what they’d be in a lesser machine, no matter how beautiful the scenery.

I’ve learned to pack light, smile graciously, and get used to arriving before everyone else. Small prices to pay…..

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