Watch Porsche Build Their 918 Spyder Hybrid By Hand

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With a price tag of around $845,000, the 918 Spyder from Porsche is more than just a seriously expensive supercar---it's a work of art. Powered by a 4.6 liter V8 engine and two electric motors, the hybrid packs some serious horsepower---887 horsepower to be exact---all in a package that's as sexy and stylish as a car should be that's worth nearly a million dollars. This b-roll video spotted by Autoblog gives an awesome look at how they build these things. No fancy cuts, aggressive music, or anything sales-y. Just a bare bones look at the impressive process. Definitely worth a quick watch if you're a car enthusiast...

And if you're drooling over the car after that, we rounded up a few photos of the thing...