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This Is the Perfect Holiday Gift for Porsche and Design Lovers

Back in 2018 international man of mystery Ted Gushue spearheaded the launch of the Type 7 Instagram channel powered by Porsche, a beautifully-imaged daily magazine for "those who are driven." It's geared to Porsche owners and fans in particular but also enthusiasts of cool art, architecture, design, travel, style, and photography.

Two years on, Type 7 has achieved cult status, and German publisher Delius Klasing is celebrating the second year of impeccably-curated content with a beautifully-designed new 400-plus page book: Type 7: Volume Two, due out next month and now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Though it was a challenging year to be sure, Ted and his team just got more creative. During quarantine in London, they picked the brain of legendary Porsche rally pilot, cinematographer, and commercial director Jeff Zwart, who "imparted some invaluable advice on chasing your dreams and finding your path in life," which resulted in a foldout feature in the book "detailing the breadth and depth of his career."

They also worked with cult artist Daniel Arsham to "document the development and final product of his completely customized Porsche 950 Turbo project"; as well as the Riva family, "whose wooden boats have dotted the coastlines of the world's most illustrious waterside locations for the last 70 years"; and profiled some of the leading lights in avant-garde architecture.

Then there's Benny Marjanac, who "walked us through the Porsche Museum's 'secret' hidden bunker, filled with the best and the brightest of Porsche's history, many details of which have never been revealed before." And if that wasn't enough escapism, they also worked with legendary designer Marc Newson to "showcase one of his most interesting projects: the development of Kelvin 40, a personal airplane concept originally commissioned by Foundation Cartier. 

Obviously, this is a lot more than your average car-themed coffee table book. And you don't need to be a Porschephile to appreciate and enjoy it—though you may well find yourself joining the cult before you've finished turning the pages.